Our Big Taste cheese

A hard cheese with a nutty, complex, lingering flavour.
This is actually a Gruy√®re type cheese, and we have risen to the challenge and produced our own variation of this - it's a firm nutty cheese, full-flavoured, with a distinctive aroma. 


An all-occasion cheese

A hard, mild, flavour-filled cheese.
It is dangerously more-ish!


The crowd favourite

The Golds are a semi-hard, mild range of cheeses presented in several flavour options. Check to see what we have available from plain, cumin, black peppercorn, and garlic-chilli.


Hard and strong

A hard, strong, sharp, fruity
Italian-style cheese
(very young Parmesan).

Leeu Blue

Mild, creamy

Our latest cheese, full of suprizes!
Mild and creamy



This is our smoked (French Oak cold smoked) Mozzarella

Thinly slice and top with basil leaves and tomato. Or dice, marinade lightly in olive oil and thyme, and add to salads.


Pizza perfect

Classic Italian cooking cheese, available as plain or smoked. Probably not what you're expecting, this is far superior to your average mozzarella and you'll no longer think of it as a tasteless cheese.


Made in the Spanish style

Made from sow-friendly pork using natural casings. We use different spices and wine in the Spanish style